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Why buy from us? We are first generation Italian-Americans with over twenty years experience in the home renovation field. We do what we do best and that's BUILD! If it's a kitchen or bath renovation we can help! We are here to give you the BEST customer service and personal assistance with your home renovation needs. We treat our customers like family.  Give us a call!

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How to Create a Family Friendly Kitchen

By using the following tips, you can have a family friendly kitchen in which your partner and kids can cook, study, talk and hang out. When you use just the right kitchen accessories, you can elevate the look of the place where you and your family have your most important moments. Combine Your Living Room and Dining Room Blend the family room with the kitchen for a seamless look. While you and your partner wash romaine lettuce with our Tuscan Italian kitchen faucets, your children can sit in the lounge area and do homework, play games or use their electronic devices. Keep Your Kitchen Organized If you want your kitchen to be a family-friendly unit, keep it organized and outfitted... Read More