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Why buy from us? We are first generation Italian-Americans with over twenty years experience in the home renovation field. We do what we do best and that's BUILD! If it's a kitchen or bath renovation we can help! We are here to give you the BEST customer service and personal assistance with your home renovation needs. We treat our customers like family.  Give us a call!

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How to Design a Small Bathroom

Whether you have an older home with smaller bathrooms or have converted extra space to a new powder room, the lack of square footage may come with some unique challenges. Storage space is at a premium. Standard-sized vanities, sinks, showers, and tubs simply do not fit. Design a small bathroom to make the most of each square foot you have. These ideas will help you achieve luxury and comfort in the home without sacrificing style or enough space to turn around in. Choose a Smaller Wall-Mounted or Vessel Sink For a sink over cabinets, a single KubeBath vanity will provide storage and an attractive basin without compromising space. If a countertop already exists in the room, save space for shavers... Read More