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Why buy from us? We are first generation Italian-Americans with over twenty years experience in the home renovation field. We do what we do best and that's BUILD! If it's a kitchen or bath renovation we can help! We are here to give you the BEST customer service and personal assistance with your home renovation needs. We treat our customers like family.  Give us a call!

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Is a Large, Outdoor Water Fountain Right For You?

Learning how to choose the right style fountain for your outdoor space is a tricky task. Should you look at colors, shapes, or sizes? Well here at Tuscan Basins, we can help you discover exactly which water features will work best in your yard, whether that is one of the large outdoor water fountains or perhaps a smaller, elegant one. Read on to help make your decision easier. Design The first step in finding your perfect fountain is to decide what design fits in with your decor. If your home is rustic, we can recommend several stone garden fountains that will blend in with the surroundings nicely while still standing out as a focal point. Next, we need to determine... Read More