3 Bathroom Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018

3 Bathroom Design Trends To Look Out For In 2018

In years past, bathroom trends turned a plain or outdated space into a spa-like oasis, which included freestanding tubs, contemporary bathroom vanities, and recessed shelves. This hasn’t slowed down in 2018, yet the year brings contrasting trends. Today's bathrooms will embrace retro styles, futuristic styles, and lively pops of personality to create a result worthy of the times.

Material Makeover

Everything old is new again in 2018, so there's no shame in including vintage material in the bathroom. Brass faucets, a 1980's staple, are making a comeback. Formerly a bright gold, the new shade is now deeper and warmer. Trade the pricey granite material for the inexpensive quartz and marble. Both appear breathtaking as countertops on bathroom vanities while remaining environmentally friendly.

Nature-themed materials are welcome in the bathroom too. Stone, brick, wood, concrete, bamboo, and glass bring an earthy vibe to a dull bathroom. Add these themes to an accent wall or flooring. Stone is especially great for a modern double sink vanity. Finalize the nature theme by adding plants, an accessory welcome in spas-like bathrooms. On a separate note, timber paneling, a 70's staple, is returning to walls in quiet fashion.


Kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms are incorporating technology features into the room due to convenience and control, so bathroom inclusion is a progressive and futuristic step in that direction as well. Incorporating technology in the bathroom will make daily routines faster. Motion detection lights, Cinaton touchless faucets, high tech showerhead fixtures, and smart toilets activated by voice, phone, movement, or touch are examples of the ongoing trend. Alternatively, a charging station, a heated floor mat, or a television near high end bathroom vanities is a budget-conscious solution to the growing trend.

Personal Preference

Paint, patterns, and texture add personality to the entire space. Therefore, an all-white bathroom is boring. Turn the bathroom into a lively environment by adding unique patterns and bold colors to walls, flooring, and tile. The obvious choice is repainting walls a bold color, but an accent wall adds character, personality, and style to a plain space. In addition, the accent wall adds your stamp to the existing area.

Similarly, flooring is a great opportunity to add character to the bathroom. Endless material, patterns, colors, shapes, and graphics bring in-the-background flooring center stage. Tile can double as an accent wall, which will look great behind a shower or vanities. Complete the project with a uniquely shaped mirror or a painting beside an Ariel modern double sink vanity.

Thanks to the interesting trends, 2018 will become another great year for interior bathroom design. As readers visualize their home with these ideas, ground those visions by scoping and analyzing the bathroom's current state and decide which changes are realistic; an interior designer can help. In closing, we expect 2018 to revolve around homeowner's personal tastes, so embrace it.

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