4 Ways to Reinvent Your Bathroom

4 Ways to Reinvent Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Over time, your lifestyle changes, and so should your bathroom. An update to your bathroom's style should reflect your home's comfortable feel and utility. Often, people start with the vanity, which includes the sinks and storage cabinets as an anchor to tie the room together. Here are some tips to consider when choosing high end bathroom vanities.

  1. Start with the finish

The look and feel of your vanity can be the basis for the rest of the room. Do you have wood cabinets or metal? Is your countertop porcelain, glass, or granite? Switching the material your vanity is made of can spark new ideas about how the rest of the room is decorated. Our Seacliff by Ariel Bridgewater offers a clean, minimalist look while not sacrificing style. For those in favor of a wood texture, our Barcelona is an excellent mix of dark wood and modern style, making for one of the best contemporary bathroom vanities.

  1. Stylize it

Contemporary bathroom vanities are popular, but maybe you want something different. An Italian bathroom vanity or an antique style vanity might be more your taste. Glass countertops and shelving can give your bathroom an open, airy feel. Our Virtue bathroom vanities offer American style with traditional and contemporary looks. When it comes to high end bathroom vanities, there are numerous styles to choose from, made with many quality materials.

  1. Free standing or mounted?

Your current bathroom vanity may be inconvenient because it is mounted to the wall, which in time could cause damage to your wall. It could be time to switch to a free standing vanity. If storage space is a must, switching to a wall mounted vanity, or a modern double sink vanity that offers plenty of space while not sacrificing the space a free standing vanity might take up.

  1. Go for More Space

Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade in order to have more space and even another sink. Perhaps your family has expanded and the extra sink and storage would help avoid squabbles in the bathroom. Our Virtue bathroom vanities, such as the Talisa, has a variety of sizable cabinets and drawers for storage. whether you are looking for a more modern double sink vanity, or a traditional, antique, or Italian bathroom vanity, each with a variety of cabinets and shelf space.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms you will spend a good portion of your life in. Making sure the style, look, feel, and utility of your bathroom vanity is a key component in making your bathroom yours.

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