5 Fun Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit adds a new dimension to your otherwise drab outdoor area. It provides entertainment and a place to gather with friends and family. Finding quality products and pairing them with professional design and installation teams is important to create a backyard haven that will not only increase the overall value of your home, but also significantly add to your quality of life. From old world to contemporary fountains and the latest in seating, such as the Nova Solo furniture lines, there are many ways to increase the joy of your fire pit purchase.

Sit and Chill

Finding furniture to accentuate your fire pit focal point can be the key to a stunning space. Nova Solo furniture looks impressive when it’s artfully placed around a stellar fire pit.

Once you’ve taken a good look at your backyard and decided on a fire pit, consider other al fresco features that can further pull nature into your otherwise bland outdoor space.


Just outside the light of a glowing fire pit you can have elegant stone garden fountains to complement the ambience. Well-designed fountains add a layer of enjoyment to your chosen fire pit area.

The Campania water fountains, Bluworld fountains, and others are an added aesthetic benefit to any outdoor space.

The chic of Campania water fountains makes your fire pit a standout hot spot creating an air of refined style for guests when they come to visit all year round. Bluworld fountains can transform the space into a multi-layered destination outside your patio doors.

Mountain Style

For this earthy look, you can find thick chunks of wood and planks at nurseries and co-ops.  These can be transformed to be used as stools and benches around the fire pit for a distinct natural vibe. It's eco-friendly and terribly easy to install.


Surround your gathering area with lush greenery that will bring a cool, calm breeze on starry nights and intensify the intimate feeling a fire pit offers when friends and family get together.

View Matters

A flickering fire in the backyard can make over your front or backyard area, so make sure it has the best views possible from its cozy vantage point. It’s important to strategically plan exactly where your fire pit will be situated in relation to the house, considering wind and available views. A good location will maximize your fire pit enjoyment. Also, make sure it has a bit of protection from the wind if possible to minimize smoke blowing directly into your home or into your perfectly placed outdoor furniture.

Give ambience to a drab yard with the professional installation of a fire pit that can be tailored to your exact tastes by our experienced and longtime local team. Our one-stop home renovation and improvement shop can offer ideas and provide options to help you complete your project. Our top-rated customer service shines when you call us with any questions you have about our products, installation, or other details you need answered before embarking on a home improvement task.

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