5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Designing Your Dream Bathroom

5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor When Designing Your Dream Bathroom

You've finally got everything in place to design your dream bathroom. Whether you've been living with an outdated one for years or are simply ready to dive in and create the bathroom of your dreams, you want to make sure this project is done right! By asking your contractor a few key questions before you get started, you can make sure that you get exactly the bathroom you're looking for.


  1. What's the actual cost of the materials I want? Chances are, you have a clear idea in place for what you want for your bathroom. If you're dreaming of hammered copper bathroom sinks or an special bathroom vanity, you need to know what the actual price for those items will be. On the other hand, if you know that you're on a budget, you might want to find out what the best price bathroom faucets are. Work with your contractor to find the best materials for your budget while still fitting your dream.


  1. What's the best sink for my space? With everything from stone to modern glass bathroom sinks to choose from, you have a wide array of choices--and that can lead to a great deal of confusion if you don't know exactly what you want. Your contractor, however, will be able to cover all the bases with you, discussing what materials are easiest to work with, which ones will be the easiest to maintain over time, and which ones will fit with your ideas for your bathroom.


  1. What's the timeline for completion of my project? When you're completing a major bathroom renovation, you'll often find yourself unable to use your bathroom for a period of time. Having a clear timeline for completion of your project will make it easier to function without your bathroom until the project is done.


  1. How will you protect the rest of my home? This is particularly important if you'll be doing demolition as part of your project. You want to know that your contractor is trustworthy and invested in keeping your property safe from scuffs, dings, and messes throughout the remodeling process. Small projects like bathrooms can quickly create big messes, so make sure you're working with a contractor who is prepared to protect the rest of the home.


  1. What is your experience with this type of project? You want a bathroom contractor who has worked with projects like yours before. That doesn't mean they have to have installed the exact glass vessel bathroom sinks you want to use, but it does mean that you want a contractor who has experience with successfully completing similar projects.


Talking with your bathroom contractor throughout the remodeling process is a critical part of being sure you'll be happy with the results when you're able to see the finished project. Start asking questions early in the hiring process, then ask more specific questions as you move through the remodeling process. The more you know, the better the choices you'll be able to make!

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