5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Contemporary Outdoor Fountain

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Contemporary Outdoor Fountain

What Can a Fountain Do For Your Yard?

If you've decided that your yard could use a little sprucing up, a fountain or water feature is a gorgeous addition to any yard space. Contemporary outdoor fountains provide ambiance and a sense of relaxation, and they can even add property value. But before you can jump right in, there are some things to consider when purchasing a water feature.

  1. Materials and Finishes

Materials matter a lot in the world of outdoor décor, especially those involving water. Water is a naturally eroding force and any outdoor fixtures will need to be able to withstand hot, cold, and stormy climates. Stone garden fountains are a favorite of ours because of their sheer strength and longevity. Stone fountains can also be cast in a wide variety of beautiful shapes, so there is no shortage of choice. Tuscan Basins offers countless varieties of stone fountains; there is something available for every taste. However, if you are looking for something different, Bluworld fountains and Campania water fountains sell fixtures made of glass, metal and all sorts of beautiful materials.

  1. Placement and Decor

Considering the surrounding landscape and placement of the yard is paramount to selecting the right fountain. Large outdoor water fountains must be installed in the open; access to all areas of these fountains are necessary for cleaning and maintenance. Consider your landscaping and how it fits with the natural flow of your yard. Many choose to have garden paths that lead to water fixtures and center large outdoor water fountains in the middle of the yard as a main feature. Others may prefer their fountain out of the way and more of a background piece. Campania water fountains even sell tabletop varieties that are great for those who are low on extra space but still want the luxury of a fountain.

  1. Power Source

While fountains are water fixtures, they are also powered by electricity to keep the water flowing. Some choose to hard-wire fountains through the properties' electrical system, which should always be planned and carried out by a professional electrician. However, some contemporary outdoor fountains are solar powered, which saves money on the electrical bill and doesn't require an electrician or rewiring.

  1. Water Source

You will have to decide how your new fountain will get water to keep flowing and providing that relaxing ambiance. Some homeowners choose to supply the water from the property's plumbing line, which feeds a continuous stream of water through the fountain. Of course, this must be planned ahead of time and executed by a qualified plumber. Those homeowners interested in saving on their water bill and water conservation opt for a fountain pump. A pump recycles the same water through the fountain and saves water and money, but must be filled manually. Bluworld fountains sells quality water pumps and supplies to keep them clean.

  1. Cleaning and Winter Preparations

An attractive fountain is a clean one, and you must be prepared to occasionally clear any moss, dirt, or debris that finds its way into your backyard water fixture. This is especially true if you have a pump that circulates water. Dirt and debris can clog a pump and even break it permanently, which is why we recommend regular maintenance on all fountains. Fortunately, most fountains are simple to clean. Stone garden fountains are especially tough and can be easily scrubbed and scraped while still looking fantastic. In winter, fountains with pumps can freeze and should be turned off when temperatures drop below zero. Fountains that get their water supply from the house's plumbing should have a shut-off valve installed to prevent freezing and cracking pipes around the property.

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