5 Tips To Keep Your Vanity From Becoming A Mess

5 Tips To Keep Your Vanity From Becoming A Mess

The last thing you want in your bathroom is your vanity getting out of hand. Without organization, your makeup will get mixed up and out of place, making your morning routine a complete headache. Below, are a few tips to help keep your contemporary bathroom vanities from becoming a mess.

Use Magnets to Keep Everything Organized

One of the easiest ways to organize everything in your vanity is to connect it to a magnet and use a magnetic strip to organize all your makeup. This may seem strange, but this can help prevent your makeup from spilling off your vanity and making a mess of your floor. Plus, this way you know exactly where to put the makeup you're using once you're done with it.

Make the Most of Your Drawers

To keep your vanity from becoming a mess, organization is key. This means making the most of your drawers by inserting organizers in them. This can help prevent your makeup from getting mixed up and separate makeup tools, such as hairbrushes and irons from makeup materials, such as eyeliner and nail polish. You should also consider labeling your vanity's drawers, so you know exactly where everything is.

Implement a Hanging Organizer

Just like using a magnetic strip, a hanging organizer can help you organize your makeup at little cost. Usually, these range from $10 to $20 on Amazon and installation only takes minutes to do. However, this tool can help keep your vanity's items organized and offer you more space to get ready in the morning.

Regularly Clean Your Vanity

Although this may seem like an obvious tip to keep your modern single sink vanity from becoming a mess, it's greatly overlooked. We all have busy schedules, but it's important to regularly clean your vanity from spilled makeup, dust, and other grime that can build up. This can also help prevent bacteria from growing on your makeup and spreading onto your face. So, the next time you're home with nothing to do, take some time to clean your vanity.

Make Sure You Know Where Everything Is

An easy way for your vanity to become a mess in the first place is not knowing where everything is. Even a single misplaced nail polish color can turn your vanity into a war zone as you frantically search for it. It's best to label your drawers and even keep a note of where you keep everything so you can keep yourself organized. The last thing you want to do is lose any piece of makeup you have; they're pretty expensive!

Keeping a messy vanity is no way to live. It's important to keep your vanity clean and organized every day, not only for your own sanity but for general hygiene as well. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can better keep your vanity organized without too much effort. After all, it is where you keep some of your most expensive makeup and jewelry products.

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