Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2017

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are few renovations that yield such satisfying results as those that improve the bathroom. Because the bathroom is the place where you freshen up and get ready for the day ahead, it feels so much better to have the room itself looking amazing. If you’re thinking about transforming your bathroom this year, here’s a list of our favorite bathroom remodeling trends for 2017:

Warm Metallics

Glimmering metallic accents are ever on-trend, but this year we’re seeing a shift toward warmer metallics, like bronze and brass. Incorporating beautiful metallic tones to your bathroom can be simple if you limit the accents to the hardware and wall décor. Or, you can also integrate your metallic elements as beautiful statement pieces such as gorgeous hammered copper bathroom sinks.

Double Vanities

Functional, storage-conscious vanities are always in, but we like to take our bathroom storage game to the next level with elegant double vanity sink options. Gone are the days of digging for far too long to find what you need from your single, under-the-sink storage unit; maximize storage space with twice the stowing capacity in your vanity and boom! The problem is solved.

Sleek Lines

For those that have a more contemporary lean in their design sensibilities, sleek and modern lines are set to be a big player in 2017 bathroom trends. You can incorporate these in your bathroom in several different ways: by implementing high-end floating shelves for open storage, by installing geometric design elements as wall art, or by simply opting for a sophisticated Italian bathroom vanity that’s complete with all the sleek design elements you could want.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks in general are rising as a hot bathroom trend this year. We love them for their bold impression and classy charm, but (practically speaking) we know you’ll love them for all the storage they provide you with underneath the sink. Vessel sinks are designed to sit on the countertop so you don’t have to compensate for losing the space that a sink bowl would otherwise take up underneath the countertop. Porcelain vessel bathroom sinks are especially practical in that they’re easy to clean and have a classic, timeless appeal.

Creative Lighting

Your lighting sets the tone for the whole room and bathroom lighting is no exception. Creative lighting solutions are trending this year, the main fixtures varying from daring chandeliers to timeless sconce vanity lights. Installing recessed lighting in your ceiling helps establish a nice canvas that allows you to layer lighting styles beautifully, according to your own design tastes.

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