High End Bathroom Vanities: Are They Worth the Price?

High End Bathroom Vanities: Are They Worth the Price?

Do you need high end bathroom vanities in your home? It depends on who you talk to. Some might say they are nothing more than an added bonus for a real estate agent. However, we disagree. Bathroom vanities can add something extra to the home. Did you know they can actually increase the resale value of your property? To give you an idea of the vanities and products we offer, we have selected a few to talk about and their respective pros and cons.

The Modern Double Sink Vanity

The Pros

A modern double sink vanity is going to make you feel more grown up. You have your own space to do what it is you need to do which will save you time. You are not going to feel as though you are barging in on the other person's turf. It might be a big selling point if the installation is done right as well. Homes with a modern double sink vanity look very appealing to others.

The Cons

Some of you might feel crowded. Space is always an issue, even after you renovate. You will also deal with extra plumbing. You need to be sure you can afford it before you install.

A Modern Single Sink Vanity

The Pros

Are you the only one living in your space right now? Then, you can save on the electric bill. That is a big bonus in our opinion. Sometimes less is more and a simple single sink vanity is all you need.

The Cons

You might not have enough space to do what you need to do with a modern single sink vanity. This happens a lot when you move into a place, even after you renovate. You need to work with what you have. A single sink gets especially tricky if more than one person uses the bathroom.

A Prime Example: The Ariel Bath Vanity

The Ariel Bath Vanity comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, including the single and double vanity. It adds a modern and classic feel to a bathroom just like an Italian bathroom vanity. It is considered, by many, to be one of the more functional bathroom vanities. However, you do need to have space for one. The images online do not do it justice; they appear smaller than they are. The same goes for the Italian bathroom vanity.

Are They Worth the Price?

Certain bathroom vanities can be worth the price as long as the homeowner knows what they are doing, and they have the right space to work with. Don’t forget to make sure that the vanities are installed correctly for the best bang for your buck.

Visit our site today. We have everything a homeowner could possibly want, including the Ariel Cambridge 61" and 73" double sink. Our colors come in a wide range, including orange, grey, and oak. Customers get 5% off their first purchase. How cool is that?

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