How to Design a Small Bathroom

How to Design a Small Bathroom

Whether you have an older home with smaller bathrooms or have converted extra space to a new powder room, the lack of square footage may come with some unique challenges. Storage space is at a premium. Standard-sized vanities, sinks, showers, and tubs simply do not fit. Design a small bathroom to make the most of each square foot you have. These ideas will help you achieve luxury and comfort in the home without sacrificing style or enough space to turn around in.

Choose a Smaller Wall-Mounted or Vessel Sink

For a sink over cabinets, a single KubeBath vanity will provide storage and an attractive basin without compromising space. If a countertop already exists in the room, save space for shavers and makeup with porcelain vessel bathroom sinks, modern glass bathroom sinks, or one in steel, copper, or stone. For the smallest bathrooms, a wall-mounted option like those offered by Alfi may work best. They even offer sinks for corners.

Consider a Shower Panel Instead of a Stall

Shower stalls or combined shower and tub units take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Consider a stainless steel shower niche or panel affixed to the wall instead of a tiled enclosure. A simple U-shaped curtain can provide privacy and keep the water contained. The most space-saving option means when the shower is not in use, the curtain or screen can be pushed back to open up more floor space.

Walk-in Tubs Provide Soothing Soaks in Smaller Spaces

A stand-alone tub takes up more space than any other bathroom feature. Even built-in models may get in the way. One design option for smaller spaces is the walk-in tub. Although they are frequently marketed to seniors with mobility issues, these provide convenience and true style for anyone who does not have sufficient space for a traditional soaker. They also offer these types of baths combined with a shower stall for even more hygiene and comfort options. 

Make the Most of Storage Opportunities

After choosing a range of attractive smaller fixtures in the bathroom, continue the design scheme with space-saving storage solutions. Eviva bathroom vanities come in slim-line and wall-mounted styles. Baskets or bins with toiletries or towels can fit neatly underneath. Avoid heavy wood or metal styles and opt instead for more delicate shelving and cabinetry. One excellent option is a set of floating shelves.

For the comfort and convenience of family and guests, a house should have enough accessible bathrooms. Whether the only one you have seems crowded or you have a small guest bathroom built from an old closet, the right fixtures and design options can help. The less room they take up, the larger and more comfortable the bath will feel.

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