How to Maintain Your Patio Space During the Winter

Winter can be a harsh season for your home to endure, especially taking a toll on your outdoor patio space and furniture. To help you prepare for ice, rain, sleet, and snow, follow our tips below on the top recommended ways to maintain your patio area throughout the winter.

1. Remove and Cover The Furniture

With winter quickly approaching, the first thing you should do is remove your outdoor furniture and other large items from your outdoor space. Clear off all tables, chairs, plants, and tools. Wash them off with a hose and let them dry in the sun. This will take care of any dirt or debris. You should also wipe down the table umbrella if you have one. Next, cover all the furniture with a tarp and store them in the shed, basement, or garage. You should also cover any water features, such as outdoor garden fountains with a tarp to prevent winter damage.

2. Thoroughly Clean the BBQ

After your final grilling session of the year, don't forget to thoroughly clean off your barbecue. A lot of people fail to do this so when they open their grill for the first time after the long winter, they are often disappointed. You can prevent this by simply cleaning your grill. If you have a charcoal grill, first dispose of the old coals and ash. Then scrub the grill with a degreasing solution and rinse it off with water. If your grill is powered by gas, remember to shut off and unscrew the gas lines. Store the gas tank in a dry, cool area or bring it back to your local retailer. Be sure to look over the instruction manual to determine how to store or dispose of the gas tank correctly. Then, you can scrub down and wash the rest of the grill.

3. Clean Your Outdoor Space

First, sweep any loose leaves and other debris from your deck, especially if you have trees overhanging your outdoor space. The last thing you want is for the dirt and leaves to get covered in snow and ice. Then, using a deck cleaning solution, power wash your deck and other brick and cement surfaces. This way, your outdoor space will be clean and ready for use once spring rolls around again.

4. Protect Your Deck

After sweeping and washing your deck, it is important that you protect your deck with a water-repellent finish. This will guard your deck from the damaging effects of winter. Moisture from rain, snow, ice, and sleet can seep into unprotected wood as cause it to crack, split, and warp. Luckily, there are plenty of finishes that can protect your patio against the winter elements. You can also decide which color to use to finish the deck and achieve your aesthetic.

Winter can be a tough season to protect your outdoor patio area. However, with the help of our tips above, you should be able to make it through the following rough months and enjoy an undamaged outdoor space the following spring.

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