How to Pair Your Countertop With Your Sink

How to Pair Your Countertop With Your Sink

We're always looking for ways to help home and business owners create their ideal kitchens and bathrooms. When trying to pair your countertop with your sink, you should always keep the following in mind:



First and foremost, it's important to match your countertop and sink to the theme you have chosen for the space. Say you have a country kitchen theme, you would typically want to focus on traditional materials and designs commonly seen in farmhouse kitchens. For example, you might couple a countertop made of stone, wood slab or butcher block with one of our farmhouse apron or copper kitchen sinks. With a modern theme, you might combine laminate counters with a stainless steel sink. If you have a rustic, fairy tale cottage theme, you would want to focus more on natural materials in whimsical shapes for a sink, such as stone or glass sinks, coupled with a natural stone or concrete counter that is accented with pebbles or even colored glass.



As implied above, the style of sink you choose is as important as the theme. Oceana sinks look as if they were crafted by mythical ocean creatures. Hammerwerks sinks have a blacksmith and forge appearance. You can use them in a country or rustic theme, but their style would also work well in historic and modern themes. For example, they match medieval and royalty themes that focus heavily on dark, richly colored countertops in textured metal and stone. On the other hand, a porcelain sink works well with both natural and engineered countertop products, including laminate and engineered solid surface.

You also need to take into account the shapes of the countertop and sink. Modern styles focus more on minimalism, clean lines and geometric patterns. A simple porcelain wall mount sink has a smooth, geometric shape. A more traditional design with a modern twist, for example, might combine a white vessel/bowl sink and a black geometric pedestal that has no decorative accents.



Pairing a countertop and sink also requires that you take into account the role that colors play in any space. Options exist in almost any theme to use matching or contrasting colors between the counter and sink and the rest of a space. You merely need to decide whether you want your countertop and sink to stand out or blend into the background. Although contemporary stainless steel sinks have been the norm for several years, a great granite composite sink, for example, adds extra color beyond the countertop, cabinets, fixtures and appliances. You can also pair these with natural or engineered counters. Lastly, these sinks also add extra pizazz to retro themes: You can contrast a bright, pastel-colored sink with a white or black countertop material.

We've only covered a few combinations here today. Contact one of our design specialists to help you find the perfect countertop and sink combination to match your unique kitchen and/or bathroom preferences.

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