Is a Large, Outdoor Water Fountain Right For You?

Is a Large, Outdoor Water Fountain Right For You?

Learning how to choose the right style fountain for your outdoor space is a tricky task. Should you look at colors, shapes, or sizes? Well here at Tuscan Basins, we can help you discover exactly which water features will work best in your yard, whether that is one of the large outdoor water fountains or perhaps a smaller, elegant one. Read on to help make your decision easier.


The first step in finding your perfect fountain is to decide what design fits in with your decor. If your home is rustic, we can recommend several stone garden fountains that will blend in with the surroundings nicely while still standing out as a focal point.

Next, we need to determine if this will be a centerpiece or an accent piece. When a fountain is used as the centerpiece, it needs to look beautiful from all angles. Accent fountains may only have one ornate side because they are designed to fit in a corner or against a wall.

How often you entertain also plays into a final decision. You don’t want your water feature to be so large that it interferes with the natural flow of traffic. Our smaller, pedestal style Campania water fountains like the Portwenn Outdoor Garden Fountain can make a big statement without becoming a tripping hazard.


Weight is especially important when putting a water feature on a deck or patio. The structure needs to be able to support its weight. Our stone garden fountains may be to heavy so we can recommend one of the smaller Campania water fountains like the Corinth Ceramic Terra Cotta Fountain instead. Another good option is to select one of our wall mounted Bluworld fountains for an enclosed porch or sunroom.

Size and Shape

Once you know where to put your fountain, it is time to think about size and shape. What is the fountains purpose? We have both centerpiece designs and yard models for you to pick from. We have large fountains that can become a luxurious statement piece as well as a perfect conversation starter. If bigger designs won’t fit, our elegant designs that utilize small spaces rival many of the larger options.

Focal Point

Consider what is most important to you when it comes to your fountain being a focal point. If you want an eye catching centerpiece, one of our large outdoor water fountains will be ideal. When sound is the most important element, we can recommend a multi-tiered feature like the Agrigento Three Tier Cast Stone Garden Fountain.


Finally, we need to determine splash. All fountains have a splash radius. This can become a slipping hazard on tile or hard surfaces. We can help you find a better suited model in these circumstances or reduce the water flow to lower the splash zone.

Whether you decide on one of our smaller Bluworld fountains or a large outdoor water fountain, we can help you find the perfect contemporary outdoor fountain for your space.

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