Is Resurfacing My Cabinets Worth the Money Saved?

Is Resurfacing My Cabinets Worth the Money Saved?

When people consider a bath or kitchen remodeling job, they face the daunting cost of replacing counter-tops and cabinets. The less costly method of resurfacing cabinets serves as an alternative, but how happy will the homeowner be with a resurfacing job and how long will it last? Today, the material and techniques of a resurfacing job impresses even the fussiest of homeowners, and the job lasts for years.


Let's Define Resurfacing

What exactly are resurfaced cabinets? This process could mean painting or refinishing cabinets. On the other hand, you may want to install laminate or veneer surfaces. Alternatively, you can install new cabinet door and drawer faces. All three resurfacing methods are worth a look.

The advantages of resurfacing are obvious: The homeowner saves money and the tasks are simpler than a complete remodel. You may save half of the amount a complete room remodel costs. For the money and time, you can radically change the look of your bath or kitchen by adapting a different style. New exciting doorknobs and drawer pulls are very appealing and can add a great amount of style to the room. In addition, adding a sink such as a stone vessel sink offered here at Tuscan Basins is a great way to bring your project all together.


That Elusive New Look

This is an important point because if you had a traditional kitchen before, you can get a whole new look with resurfacing. You may want farmhouse style cabinets or the look and feel of new granite counter-tops. Whatever your bath or kitchen look today, resurfacing can take a room in a completely different direction.

Resurfacing also means less hassle and time committed to the project. Cabinet resurfacing doesn't involve tearing out whole banks of cabinets and installing new. You won't have to move electrical outlets, gas lines and exhaust ports to new locations, a very costly process. If you want to save time, you can completely reinvent the space with resurfacing in a single weekend.


It’s All in the Details

Believe it or not, the memory of your old cabinets will remain if you leave the interiors untouched. Complimentary paint or finish applied to cabinet interiors makes the job convincing. You may also find room in your budget for a new single cabinet or shelf system like an island cabinet or revolving shelves.


Plan your project

Of course, if your existing cabinets are rotting or falling apart with age, it may be time to replace them. Another issue could be that it may not be enough to transform the design of the space. A more radical move like gutting the room and starting from scratch may be the only way to satisfy a particular need. On the other hand, if you're just moving into the place, a resurfacing job will do the trick at a significant cost savings because a new homeowner has no memories of the kitchen or bath layout. The best way to resolve issues is to get after it in planning stage. Become familiar with all your options and make informed choices.

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