Renovating Your Kitchen? Here's What to DIY and What to Leave to the Pros

Renovating Your Kitchen? Here's What to DIY and What to Leave to the Pros

So you've decided to renovate the kitchen. This is certainly an exciting time for any homeowner, but it does beg many questions. For the do-it-yourself types out there, one of those questions entails how much of the work to do yourself versus what to leave to the pros. Assuming you are fairly handy, here are a few renovation items you are probably safe to try and a few that are probably best left to the pros.

Do It Yourself

A lot of demolition work can be done by the average do-it-yourselfer. If your kitchen renovation involves the removal of wallpaper, tile, or window treatments, then get out your tool bag and get this project moving. For wallpaper and wall decal removal you will need to follow the directions of your chosen adhesive removal product. Window treatments usually just require a little height advantage and a few basic hand tools.

Whatever the material underneath, in all cases of tile removal, the trick is always to simply remove the tiles, however necessary, with the least damage to the underlying material. With ceramic and stone tiles, you most often need to break them up and then pry out the pieces. Vinyl and other plastic flooring materials require more cutting and peeling. Depending on your kitchen and renovation plans, this type of demo work could be all you need to stay plenty busy.

Leave it to the Pros

Here at, our seasoned professionals have seen it all; top mount stainless steel kitchen sinks installed incorrectly, faucets incorrectly paired to non-compatible, Italian kitchen sinks, and the list goes on. We absolutely love and admire the gumption of those wanting to get it done, but doing it right, in some cases, requires a professional. Whether you've picked out the most elegant Latoscana, brushed nickel faucet, or a beautiful, Alfi bamboo kitchen sinks, don't let your investment be lost to a lack of experience.

With this in mind, we recommend leaving any plumbing or electrical modifications to the experts. These are areas that require specific knowledge and experience for a job well-done. Countertop and cabinet work are also areas best left to the pros. We also recommend the same for any work related to appliances or ductwork.

Painting is an item that can go either way. If you feel confident in this area, then we proudly say go for it. If not, then set the professional painters to work on your masterpiece to come. The same goes for caulk and grout needs. Typically best left to the pros, some more inclined do-it-yourselfers are able to resolve some caulk and grout necessities. Generally speaking though, these are all renovation items that you want to be sure are backed by ample experience.

Knowing where to draw the line and when to pick up the screwdriver is important in any home maintenance or remodel work. This is especially true with kitchen or bath renovations. We hope this has helped with some of your questions of kitchen renovation and the DIY aspect. For more information on these topics, or for help obtaining those perfect elements to your bathroom or kitchen renovation, your team at is always here when you need us.

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