Style Tips for a Modern Bathroom

Style Tips for a Modern Bathroom

When many home and business owners hear the term "modern bathroom," they think of design elements that focus on minimalism, clean lines, geometric forms and earth tone colors. Yet this term can also describe a bathroom that blends modern design and other unique elements.

A successful modern bathroom renovation creates an uncomplicated and visually and functionally appealing space. The following style tips can help you create this type of bathroom no matter what your personal design preferences are.

Choose Simplicity

Although bathrooms are primarily intended to merely help people deal with personal hygiene, a renovation sometimes results in a difficult to clean area or makes it too easy to clutter things up with health and beauty and non-bathroom items. When picking a style for your modern bathroom, you should keep in mind that design elements need to promote the simple tasks of dealing with waste and personal hygiene without making cleanup or storage harder. For example, undermount bathroom sinks allow you to easily wipe water from the counter into the sink without cleaning under or around edges.

Increase Storage Space

To promote efficiency and organization in your bathroom, it's important that you remove non-bathroom items from the room, stop storing items on countertops and add more storage. These actions will also reduce clutter, prevent dust and condensation marks on your favorite bottles and containers and turn your bathroom into a space that provides a minimal and open atmosphere. There are many different styles of bathroom sinks that work well with various types and styles of storage furniture. For example, a timeless stainless steel vessel sink is the perfect match to cabinets decked out or accented with stainless steel. Also, a cantrio dark orange glass sink would match almost any cabinet finished in the same color or even a slightly different shade of the same color. If you prefer a blend of modern lines and traditional accents, a semi-circle vanity that contains additional storage should work well for you and look great with glass and stone bathroom sinks.

Combine Style and Functionality

Lastly, the best way to use style elements to make your bathroom easy to use and visually and functionally appealing is by selecting design elements that both add to the theme you're trying to create and serve a specific function related to personal hygiene. For example, many modern glass bathroom sinks are literal works of art that create a particular atmosphere while taking up little space and reducing time lost to cleaning and maintenance. Unlike prefabricated bathroom sink and cabinet units with plastic knob faucets, that often require difficult twisting and contain a lot of crevices that make cleaning more difficult, modern bathroom faucets feature smooth, easy-to-clean handles that require little movement to function as desired.

As you can see, it is very possible for you can to have a modern bathroom that fulfills your needs in a style that also matches your personal tastes. For more information and additional bathroom style tips, be sure to check out Tuscan Basins.

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