The 5 Main Benefits of Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

The 5 Main Benefits of Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Tuscan Basins, renovation experts,  are known for their reasonably-priced discount copper kitchen sinks and discount kitchen faucets online. You probably know you can get contemporary stainless steel sinks from Tuscan Basins, but did you know they also have great prices on range hoods? If you’ve been contemplating adding a range hood to your kitchen, here are five reasons why you should.

Beat Excessive Heat

Range hoods take the heat produced by cook tops, stoves, and ovens, and remove it from your kitchen. By siphoning off steam, range hoods also help lower the temperature in the kitchen while making it easier for you to see what you’re doing.

Increase Your Property Value

Kitchens designed for new home construction almost always incorporate a range hood (or room for a range hood) as consumers increasingly expect them. Having a range hood in place makes your kitchen appear more contemporary and may actually help your home’s resale value.

Light Your Kitchen Better

The extra lighting provided by a lighted kitchen range hood is really two benefits in one. First, it gives you more light to cook by. Second, it gives you more light to clean by when it’s time to clean up. More light not only reduces the stress on your eyes while you’re working but also helps you make sure you aren’t missing spills, stains, and germs during clean up.

Purify the Air

Range hoods wick away air pollutants in the cooking environment. Steam, smoke, grease, and airborne contaminants (such as dust and pet dander in the air) that would normally fall down into your food are instead sucking through the air, filtered, and lifted out of your home. Perhaps the best benefit of having a filtered exhaust vent operating in your kitchen is that it pulls mold spores out of the air, reducing the amount that gets into your food, so you can feel confident that your leftovers won’t be sporting green fuzz by tomorrow morning.

Make Cooking More Comfortable

The overall effect of a range hood is to make the kitchen a more comfortable place to cook and eat. The benefits are plentiful: slightly lowering the temperature, removing steam and unpleasant cooking odors, and providing better lighting. Range hoods help make the task of cooking more pleasant.

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As always, you can count on Tuscan Basins for everything kitchen, from discounted faucets, Italian faucets, discount copper sinks, glass sinks, stainless steel sinks, and we can’t forget the variety of range hoods! Tuscan Basin’s selection and value are second to none.

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