The New Vs. The Modern: Copper Sinks Or Stainless Steel?

The New Vs. The Modern: Copper Sinks Or Stainless Steel?

Style and quality are sweeping the kitchen and bath industry. Sinks that are seamless with longevity and low-maintenance are among the trendy terms to look for. Deep single bowl kitchen sinks are gaining popularity while vessel sinks in bathrooms continue to grow. Long-lasting materials, like stainless steel and copper, have turned manufacturers to designing new competitive models that are durable and elegant at the same time.

New Copper Sinks

Copper sinks are timeless. This puts them in direct competition with the stainless steel units that we have grown accustomed to. But change can be exciting, especially when you are looking for an Eco-friendly solution. High end bathroom vanities and smart kitchens are discovering how copper sinks are aesthetically pleasing and useful due to copper’s natural antimicrobial properties. Many different types of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including Influenza and Salmonella are inactivated by copper. Other pros include:

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Durable and versatile
  • Extra-long lifespan
  • Can conceal damage
  • Recyclable

Farmhouse copper apron sinks are trendy for remodels and newly constructed kitchens. Lead-free and made from natural clay, they are also expensive. Discount copper kitchen sinks are worth looking at to make a designer statement.

Modern Stainless Steel

Everyone knows what a double basin stainless steel sink looks like. This traditional fixture has been serving residential kitchens for decades. Recently, there have been many changes to the design to bring it up to the modernized kitchen. Seamless drains, that discourage bacterial growth, and edging for cutting boards have been added. Contemporary stainless steel kitchen sinks now provide cleaner lines for a trendy appearance. Other modern highlighted areas include:

  • Undermount
  • All-In-One with protective grid
  • No rust and no scratch features
  • Curved edges for warm look

Matching Styles and Colors

Copper is popular with industrial designs or nature-friendly rustic. Different textures can blend well with blue-grays or metallic accessories. Contemporary bright white can also be a show stopper with an elegant copper sink as a focal point. Modern stainless steel will continue to be a hot item in massive cooking areas where matching appliances are key to tying in a high-end look.

If you are sold on the appearance and quality of copper, be prepared to pay the price. Copper can run twice as much as stainless steel because of material, hand pressing and any intimate details desired. The choice between new copper and modern stainless steel sinks is a personal choice for homeowners. Either one can make a significant improvement to your kitchen or bath with all of the options now available.

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