The Top Bathroom Remodeling Tips On a Budget

The Top Bathroom Remodeling Tips On a Budget

Bathroom remodeling continues to be a priority for many homeowners looking to sell their house and/or upgrade an outdated space. However, it’s easy to spend too much money on upgrading the entire layout and barely having finances left over to live. Get your dream bathroom without spending a fortune by adding these tips to the top of your list.

Plan Ahead

When planning a bathroom remodel, spend money on a bathroom designer. These experts can take your layout and incorporate your design style into breathtaking results using a computer, drawings, and our input. By asking the right questions, the designer determines the price of the remodel, a realistic timeframe, and systematic goals to turn this blueprint into a reality. Professional planning is necessary to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

Adhere to City, County, and State Codes

A successful plan enforces city, county, and state codes. Professional contractors, plumbers, electricians, and floor installers come in handy, as do permits. Hiring a family member, coworker, or friend on a major project like this appears savvy but costs and delays rise exponentially for incorrect tasks. When bathroom upgrades don't live up to codes, home reselling becomes problematic.

Leave Plumbing Pipes Alone

Similarly, designers, contractors, and plumbers would advise homeowners not to rework the plumbing system. We tend to change the layout entirely to make the bathroom appear like a complete makeover. However, homeowners can get the best of both worlds (saving money and getting a makeover) by installing a new toilet, tub, shower, and/or vanity but keeping things in their previous locations.

Splurge on Mandatory Bathroom Items

Large bathroom items are worth the splurge. Tubs, showers, toilets, and vanities are money well spent. Nonetheless, a way to decide if the splurge is worth it is the bathroom's purpose. For example, bathrooms for families and couples will appreciate a quality bathroom vanity with dual sinks while some eviva bathroom vanities complement rarely used bathrooms. Meanwhile, kube's pedestal sinks and shower/tub combos look great in small bathrooms. Visit home improvement stores and home improvement websites to discover quality bathroom vanities, shower/tubs, and toilets.

Be Thrifty on Other Items

We expect bathroom accessories and necessities to be stylish and functional and that splurging is the only way to get these items. Plenty of inexpensive, yet stylish and functional items exist. In fact, a frugal mind is welcome in bathroom upgrades. Showerheads, shower tile walls, curtains, doors, flooring, sink fixtures, and hardware come in various styles and price ranges. Extend the thrifty nature to paint and wallpaper as inexpensive bathroom-friendly wallpaper and paints do exist! While visiting home improvement stores and websites for sales, browse flea markets, antique stores, second-hand stores, consignment shops, and yard sales for inspiration and great finds.

The return on investment rarely happens in major bathroom remodeling. Still, if homeowners prefer a major remodel, understand that by spending less, being frugal, following the rules, and splurging only on necessities, your dream bathroom can be a reality.

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