The Ultimate Range Hood Buying Guide

The Ultimate Range Hood Buying Guide

So, you're in the market for a high-quality range hood for your kitchen? There are a few simple things you should know about range hoods and your kitchen before you make the purchase. Primarily, range hoods are great for venting smoke and steam quickly - but, in general, the more powerful the hood, the more noise it makes. You'll likely want to ask yourself whether you want a quieter range hood or a more powerful range hood. Aside from that, here are our four main things that you should keep in mind before committing to a range hood:

Size of Cooking Surface

Your range hood shouldn't be any smaller in size than the cooking surface you're working with. Additionally, if you get a range hood that's larger than your stovetop, you're paying more than you need to pay. Be sure that you know the measurements of the stovetop you're buying for and purchase accordingly for the best solution.

Location of Kitchen Area

Your range hood is primarily responsible for redirecting smoke and steam that results from you cooking on your stovetop. Naturally, the question of where this smoke and steam gets redirected becomes quite important. Simply put, you don't want a range hood that puts smoke back into the house – you want to ventilate it outside. Be sure you know the ventilation situation in your kitchen. Is there ductwork in a convenient location for placing your range hood? Alternatively, is your cooking space near an exterior wall? Installing a range hood near an exterior wall will make venting outside much easier.

Setup of Stovetop Space

The location of your stovetop space will most impact what kind of range hood you should buy. Is your stove backed up against a kitchen wall? If so, you will probably need to get a wall mount range hood. Perhaps your stove is located underneath some cabinetry, though; in this case, you'll need a range hood that fits in the space between your upper cabinets and your stovetop. Under-cabinet range hoods are a great solution for this situation. But perhaps your stovetop is located on an island in the middle of the kitchen? You guessed it – you'll probably need an island mount range hood.

Tone of Kitchen Aesthetic

Your range hood, like anything else you would buy for your kitchen, actually helps to establish your kitchen's aesthetic. We love a kitchen that has range hoods in keeping with it's other appliances and décor choices. Do you like to change things up in your home, thinking you'll probably want to go in a new direction with your interior design in a few years? Xtremeair range hoods that have versatile appeal will go with just about everything. Do you like a more contemporary vibe in the kitchen? Range hoods with sleek lines and a delightfully modern appeal may be just what you’re looking for.

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