Tips for Creating a Bathroom You'll Love

Tips for Creating a Bathroom You'll Love

Planning out your new bathroom can be a bit daunting. There are many decisions to be made based on the way you and your family use the space. The layout, details and storage options will depend on the type of style you like in the bathroom.

Things to Consider

One of the biggest considerations for the space is how it'll be used. If it's a space that you will rush into, take a shower and leave quickly, you won't need to worry about soaking tubs or beautiful vanity spaces. A bathroom where you want to relax away the stress and unwind after a hectic week will look vastly different than the previously-mentioned bathroom.

Family Bathroom or Master Bath

The elements in a family bathroom will differ immensely to a master bath. Heated flooring or a granite counter won't matter to the kids in the home, but will make the adults feel relaxed and special in their master bath. Make sure the fixtures and finishes are suitable for the occupants of the space and the way they'll use it.

Choose the Layout

With those ideas in mind, consider the layout of the space. Fixed items will have to stay in the same position, but you can add a freestanding bath or a floating vanity to maximize the space. Wall mounted sinks and toilets will make the bathroom feel more spacious and allow you to add other elements like a bigger tub if you want a relaxing oasis.

The Look and the Details

Once you have the layout figured out, you can consider the details of the bathroom itself from nickel fixtures to hammered copper bathroom sinks. You might want to add in fresh, modern elements like modern glass bathroom sinks to the space. You'll need to consider the bathroom design as a whole to figure out the style you desire.

Storage Concerns

Along with the style of the bathroom like undermount glass bathroom sinks, you'll want to consider your storage needs. A beautiful bathroom won't have clutter sitting around on the countertops. The storage solutions should fit with the desired use of the bathroom. A floating sink might give you more space, but if you are in need storage, a vanity with cabinets would work better for your design.

Before tackling the bathroom, make sure you have a clear vision on the way you'll use the space. Consider the finishes and elements that will make the most sense in the room. You can create a relaxing oasis with a soaking tub and spa-like elements, a family bathroom with durable fixtures or a shower with the latest jet fixtures. Creating your dream bathroom is easy, as long as you know the direction you want to go from the start.

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