Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

Kitchen styles have evolved and changed over the years, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be ready for a remodeling project in 2017. The good news is that many of the big moves for this year are very practical. There’s a strong possibility that a kitchen remodeling prokject that includes the ideas below will hold its value for a long time to come.

Going Gray

Continuing a popularity surge into 2017, this color generates a comfortable, subdued atmosphere and can pair easily with any other color. Gray can take a wide range of hues from very light to nearly black. It can also be tinted with any other color to produce any sort of desired effect. A touch of blue has a calming sensation while yellow produces a warm feeling.

Sharp Contrasts

Light and dark combinations, often called a tuxedo kitchen, are gaining popularity because of their stark beauty and the ease with which the colors can be applied. Normally, a lighter color such as white, beige, or light gray is often the choice for the upper portion of the kitchen walls while a dark hue serves as a counterbalance below to keep things grounded.

Shiny Metal

Metal cabinetry is catching on for 2017 due to its ability to harmonize with any style or color along with quick, thorough cleanups. Splatters of grease can be a problem with other types of cabinet surfaces, but stainless steel and other metallic surfaces are especially resistant to them. Metal cabinets also work particularly well with either a wall mount range hood or under cabinet range hood like those found in our XtremeAir range hood lineup.

Super Functional

By definition, cabinetry and other kitchen fixtures are suppose to be functional, but a new trend involves high-tech introductions to the kitchen. Features like storage for digital devices and charging stations are being incorporated into cabinets. Some cabinet makers offer slide-out shelves specifically designed to hold a digital tablet used to display recipes or how-to videos.


For 2017, more automated features available elsewhere are making their way into the kitchen. Motion-activated faucets are a familiar sight in public restrooms, but their practicality in the kitchen is pretty obvious. Likewise, motion detectors connected to kitchen lighting makes things more convenient and energy efficient. This trend blends nicely with the growing number of smart appliances out there.

Reduced Clutter

If automation makes kitchen work easier, so does the 2017 trend of designing kitchens for easier cleaning. One noticeable feature of this trend is the use of cabinets that include room for smaller appliances like food processors, coffee pots, and even microwave ovens. This move helps keep the countertop clear while protecting these appliances from dust and dirt. Assisting in this trend is the use of undermount sinks that allow spills and crumbs to be wiped into the sink instead of getting stuck under the edge of the sink. Whether it’s glass kitchen sinks or contemporary stainless steel kitchen sinks, our selections feature undermount installation that facilitates a spotless workspace.

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