What to Keep in Mind while Designing Your Shower

What to Keep in Mind while Designing Your Shower

In the past twenty years, no room in the American home has undergone more radical changes than the bathroom. Bathrooms were once tiny rooms with strong lighting and little else besides the tub, shower, toilet, and sink. Bathrooms then were far removed from the now bedroom-sized bathrooms that are popular everywhere in the world.


Even the toilet has earned its own tiny room somewhere within the bathroom, and bathtubs have grown in size and are often equipped with jacuzzi jets. A separate shower enclosure should be designed with enough level foot space for comfort and safety and equipped with a stainless steel shower niche to hold the multitude of bathing products and towels. These freestanding showers are a popular trend along with the numerous options available for everything from medicine cabinets, vanities, faucets, and even computerized bathtubs that draw the water at a prescribed temperature and start the jets ready to greet you with a warm bath on your return home from the office.


Today there are many options for the finish on faucets and fixtures. Earlier, the bathroom was where chrome plated faucets predominated, and chrome was evidenced from the door knob to accessories. But that has changed, now opulent gold and hammered copper bathroom sinks are designer's choices along with the newest trend of using modern glass bathroom sinks.


For the shower area, newly introduced double shower heads and shower panels offer everything from mist to revitalizing spray covering the body. Music, in a special environmental shower room, can play the soothing sounds of the steamy jungle or the refreshing sounds of the ocean waves breaking softly on the sandy beach. In no other room of the house have such new ideas been implemented. However, the first consideration for the designer working on a bath remodel or new construction is to determine the space available for the bathroom in question.

The Planning

Sketch out the general area, be it square or rectangular, determine the requirements for the necessary items for the bath. Often special considerations will have to be taken for individual needs and preferences. But the designer should in no way feel restricted in the initial plan. The level of privacy you want is as important as the amount of counter space to allot to each person. In large homes, there is a trend toward the master bathroom being split into two sections to accommodate each member of the relationship. Men usually need less counter space than women and prefer showering to taking baths. If the design of the bathroom is a good one, each will enjoy the time spent there. It is a room to splurge on to create both function and beauty.  Tuscan Basins provides state of the art bathroom fixtures and accessories. Research the beautifully designed products available for bathrooms and kitchens online.

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