Why A Contemporary Outdoor Fountain Is The Artistic Touch Your Yard Needs

Why A Contemporary Outdoor Fountain Is The Artistic Touch Your Yard Needs

The latest trend in patio, deck, and yard décor echoes the indoor trend for mixing styles to create an eclectic but put-together, one-of-a-kind look that reflects you and your family. It makes perfect sense as indoor and outdoor living spaces merge into one. Bringing elements of indoor design outside adds sophistication while bringing in elements from the outside encourages relaxation and tranquility. Adding a contemporary outdoor fountain to your outside living space provides an artistic touch that combines elegance and serenity.

Scientists have demonstrated that people have a tendency to relax in the presence of nature sounds such as running water because it causes a decrease in the body’s sympathetic response (which causes that “fight-or-flight” feeling) and an increase in parasympathetic response—the one that helps the body relax. In addition, the continuous rhythm of the flowing water masks any irregular, disruptive noises. With all of that, you, your family, and your guests will feel happier and more relaxed in the presence of a fountain. You will enjoy your outdoor space even more than you already do. Below are some great additions to your space for you to discover.

A Fountain in a Garden Nook

For a contemporary twist on the idea of sculptures in garden nooks and niches, imagine your guests discovering this Round Combo Garden Fountain in the midst of a cluster of tall shrubs with flowers growing around the base.

An Intriguing Fountain Entry for Your Outdoor Space

In the same way that the entrance to your home sets the tone and creates expectations for your guests, so does the entrance to your outside living space. A pair of these intriguing Two Tiered Tapered Square Garden Fountains placed on each side of the stairway to your deck creates formal balance with a contemporary look, and opens up the area to a range of unexpected, eclectic décor choices.

A Slender Contemporary Outdoor Fountain for Apartment Balconies or Patios

If you’re an urban apartment dweller with only a small deck or patio, this Equinox Sphere Garden Fountain with it’s slender, round, hourglass-shaped column, requires such little space that you could create a museum-like artistic touch by putting one on each outer corner of your balcony or patio.

Make an Architectural Fountain Statement in a Larger Space

If you have a larger square or rectangular space available in your yard, consider creating a formal, hedge- and sidewalk-lined garden area. In the center, though, instead of the expected formal pond, imagine the emphatic artistic statement created by this dramatically architectural Tondo Three Tiered Garden Fountain.

Mix Traditional and Modern With This Fountain

Traditional fountains present lovely silhouettes, but the detailed decorative carvings can be too ornate to blend well with contemporary styles. This Immanis Newcastle Three Tier Garden Fountain features a graceful, sleek, clean contemporary silhouette with an uplifting vertical line. It would provide a contrast to a lower profile garden design or fit in with a garden with a similar upright lines.

A Fountain and Pond With Sleek, Contemporary Lines for a Larger Space

This Carrara Two Tier Garden Pond Fountain offers the traditional fountain and pond silhouette, but with a sleek contemporary style that foregoes the ornamentation. This fountain and pond provide the perfect focal point for a relaxing retreat. Position seating around the area, and relax to the sound of the water.

A Fountain With a Pond for a Smaller Space

If you imagine having a contemporary fountain with a pond, but you imagine that you can’t because you only have a small space, imagine this Luna Garden Fountain wherever you would like it. With it’s square pond and slender, square hourglass-shaped fountain, it will even provide a striking piece for an apartment balcony.

Whatever size space you have, you have the space to enjoy the stress-reducing benefits and artistic sculptural looks of a contemporary outdoor fountain. Choose something that reflects your style and looks divine in your space.

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