Kube Bath Vanity products are designed for anyone aiming for a luxurious look in their bathroom, without compromising on functionality. Traditional storage units in a bathroom give a cluttered look due to the lack of focus on aesthetics and functionality. However, vanity products by Kube Bath are a perfect blend of style and substance. The popular varieties include:

  • Tucci – These are a must-have, especially for bathrooms where space is not a luxury. Tucci wall-mounted vanity sets come with two spacious drawers and large cupboards, where you can easily store your bathroom essentials. These take up minimum space due to their super sleek, thin edge design. The use of sturdy oak wood, with a durable PVC veneer finish, ensures that these vanities are built to last.

  • Dolce – The free-standing Dolce line by Kube Bath is just what you need for a stylish makeover for your bathroom within an affordable price. The product comes with high quality European hardware that ensures there is no loud noise when opening or closing the drawers.

  • Bliss – If you are looking for a durable and modern bath vanity product, then Bliss has to be your go-to choice. Available in a high gloss, white, black and various wood grain, durable finishes, this line has two doors and four drawers that provide ample storage space for your bathroom. The beautiful acrylic composite sink is absolutely maintenance-free, too.

Check out our full range of Kube Bath vanity products. At Tuscan Basins, you will be delighted with our fast shipping and easy return policy.

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