5 Ways to Update Your Patio

Patios are emerging as a huge home decor trend and spot for outdoor family fun. While bringing indoor elements outside is still a common theme, updates include incorporating contemporary and Old World European design. The key to seamlessly blend these styles is to start with the basics, and layer accents that appeal to the senses. A space should feel and look indulgent. From exotic stone garden fountains to chic furniture pieces, we've compiled a few of the hottest ideas for al fresco decor this season.


Seating is the foundation of any great entertainment space. Styles can be mixed and matched according to personal taste. Treated wood and wicker are great choices for frames. Old, stamped polyester fabrics are out, being replaced by newer solution-dyed acrylic that is mildew resistant. Pieces should be the same color to ensure cohesiveness; crisp white is always a timeless choice. Large throw pillows add contrast and comfort.

Accent Furniture

In addition to seating, accent furniture packs a lot of visual punch. An interesting coffee table, bookcase, or hutch filled with wicker baskets makes a covered patio feel homey. Nova Solo furniture offers a beautiful, upscale selection of pieces. A good rule of thumb is to choose one large piece of accent furniture per seating area and fill in the gaps with smaller items. The obvious look of solid craftsmanship and hand-finished exteriors makes Nova Solo furniture some of our favorite pieces.


The point of an outdoor entertainment area is to enjoy the wide open space. However, too much of a good thing can leave a patio looking unfinished and under decorated. Today's top designs incorporate outdoor privacy accents without walls by utilizing plants. Small plants can be stacked together to form a living wall along one side, or a larger specimen in a decorative urn can act as a stand alone art piece.


When it comes to creating a classic, zen- like space for conversation and entertaining, stone garden fountains top the list of must-have items. Large pieces, such as the Andalusia Fountain by Campania Water Fountains, are reminiscent of a Greek thermae, with water flowing over aged limestone. A more whimsical option, the Bali Frog fountain, is similar in size at 35.5 inches tall; it's also a bamboo planter. Campania water fountains are noted for high quality, heavy cast stone.

For something a little more edgy and space saving are Bluworld fountains. These are available in stainless steel, bronze, and copper wall units up to 10 feet high. Tabletop waterfall fountains work beautifully for smaller patios. For example, the Tranquility Waterfall Serenity Pool is only 6.5 inches tall. Bluworld fountains are easy to incorporate regardless of patio size.

Italian Wood-Fired Ovens

Far from the days of an ordinary backyard grill, unique cooking solutions are making an appearance in outdoor spaces. Round Italian style wood-fired ovens offer several advantages. It's not only possible to impress guests with speciality cuisine, but it also heats up faster than grills. The design allows for higher cooking temperatures needed to make piping hot breads. The circular design conducts heat more evenly.

The design features found in this season’s garden patios bring the living room outdoors. Add interest with vibrant hues and personalized touches that lend themselves to a retreat-like ambience. Whether you have a small apartment patio or a sprawling backyard, updating an outdoor living space is a rewarding project sure to impress the neighbors.

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