How to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer


Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, summer is here—now is the time to spruce up your backyard. With a little bit of vision and careful planning, you can easily build a relaxing paradise for everyone to enjoy. Here are three essential components of a beautiful backyard: Garden Flare Trees and flowers are versatile pieces that shape up your outdoor space. Plant trees and shrubs suitable for your backyard size. They will reward you with much needed summer shade, as well as privacy. To add some fun and sweet treats to your backyard, consider planting fruit trees. Include a curved walkway...

5 Ways to Update Your Patio


Patios are emerging as a huge home decor trend and spot for outdoor family fun. While bringing indoor elements outside is still a common theme, updates include incorporating contemporary and Old World European design. The key to seamlessly blend these styles is to start with the basics, and layer accents that appeal to the senses. A space should feel and look indulgent. From exotic stone garden fountains to chic furniture pieces, we've compiled a few of the hottest ideas for al fresco decor this season. Seating Seating is the foundation of any great entertainment space. Styles can be mixed and...

The Importance of Front Yard Landscaping


The Importance of Front Yard Landscaping

Americans love their backyards. It is the focal point for a young active family where they entertain friends and gather for family events. It is the ideal place to savor the favorite cooking style of our time; the backyard barbecue. This is the chosen spot to find shade from the summer sun and to chill out at the side of the pool. With all this reverential attention paid to the back yard, Americans have, by and large, disregarded their front yards. But the front yard is the view your neighbors, not in the invitation circle to the back yard, have...

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POOR quality for PRICE

This is not a negative review of Tuscan Basins other than letting TB know of the quality of this Novasolo product and shipping company care. This bookcase was exactly what I was looking for, color, size, style, solid wood. After a longer than expected wait and one cancellation by shipping co. it was finally delivered. We noticed the box was taped in many places. (Shipper would not stay while we opened box, we did take many pics though) We opened it, and despite the very good packaging, we saw some damage. ( pretty sure from shipping co. and not TB) We are handy DIYers and decided to go ahead and keep it and repair the damage ourselves. BIG MISTAKE! While making repairs I found more reasons I should have returned it. This piece is POOR quality for the price. I love the style but very disappointed.

Still hasn’t arrived

Small Serene Buddha Statuary
Nancy Farley
Did not receive item yet!

Would love to do a review but I have NOT received the Buddha item yet!! Where is it??

Very tall. More appropriate for kitchen. Had to cut legs or grow 8 inches. After struggling it ...

Very tall. More appropriate for kitchen. Had to cut legs or grow 8 inches. After struggling it is a beautiful cabinet.

Great service

This company is very easy to work with. Even though the wrong item was sent to me the first time due to the box being mislabeled, they promptly sent the correct one and provided a label to send the first one back. I appreciated being able to talk to a person and not have to leave a message. This is a sign of excellence!