How to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, summer is here—now is the time to spruce up your backyard. With a little bit of vision and careful planning, you can easily build a relaxing paradise for everyone to enjoy. Here are three essential components of a beautiful backyard:

  1. Garden Flare

Trees and flowers are versatile pieces that shape up your outdoor space. Plant trees and shrubs suitable for your backyard size. They will reward you with much needed summer shade, as well as privacy. To add some fun and sweet treats to your backyard, consider planting fruit trees. Include a curved walkway bordered by a variety of flowers organized at different heights and textures. Be creative about where you put all your eye-popping flora, be it in breathtaking rows or in layers.

  1. Furniture with Nature Charm

Furniture provides a great place to relax, but it can also enhance the nature of your backyard. Choose a bright, oversized, canopy umbrella for a pop of color. Add wicker sofas and fire pits to this shaded spot to create an intimate gathering space. Invest in fun, summery cushions and pillow covers to effortlessly brighten up the spot. You could also throw in hanging flower baskets and bird houses for natural color and charm. Consider attaching a hammock to two big trees planted in your backyard. Don’t forget to welcome your guests with enough seating options with stackable chairs and/or cushioned benches.

  1. Fountains

Water features can completely change the atmosphere of a piece of land. Their elegant appearance, soothing abilities, and gentle pitter-patter are all comforting qualities that make the perfect addition to any yard. Here at Tuscan Basins, we offer a wide variety of fountains, from stone garden fountains, and Campania water fountains, to Bluworld fountains. We guarantee at least one of our beautiful fountains will add an inviting, finishing touch to your dream backyard.

Our stone garden fountains are favorites of many home décor enthusiasts. Not only are they durable and aesthetically mesmerizing, but they reach far beyond the standard bowl-shaped structure. We have an enormous array of fountains to choose from: urn shaped, buckets, square, ones with animal adornments, and more.

Check out our collection of Campania Water Fountains. These are short, skinny fountains usually situated upon a curving vertical shaft, and look particularly breathtaking when installed in corners with bundles of stone flowers peeking out from the top.

Finally, do not miss our beloved Bluworld fountains. These waterfall fountains can be installed both indoors and outdoors. With water cascading across thin, sheet-like frames complimented by elegant lighting, Bluworld Fountains are a magnificent sight. Tuscan Basins offers a variety of external appearances, sizes, finishes, and bases for these fountains.

Whichever fountains you choose to add to your home, surround them with some garden flare and furniture for an inviting, spruced up landscape.

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