The Importance of Front Yard Landscaping

The Importance of Front Yard Landscaping

Americans love their backyards. It is the focal point for a young active family where they entertain friends and gather for family events. It is the ideal place to savor the favorite cooking style of our time; the backyard barbecue. This is the chosen spot to find shade from the summer sun and to chill out at the side of the pool. With all this reverential attention paid to the back yard, Americans have, by and large, disregarded their front yards. But the front yard is the view your neighbors, not in the invitation circle to the back yard, have of you, and by making it more attractive, your standing in the neighborhood social order will be enhanced. Not to mention front yards are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

Compare your front yard to the entrance to a nice restaurant or a nightclub. These businesses want to make a good first impression and lavish funds on a stunning entrance. We need to do the same with the formal presentation of our home.

We can take the lead from the urban designers of European capitals who used a variety of fountains to welcome visitors to take in the architectural beauty and even soak their tired feet in the cooling waters or add a coin for a heartfelt wish.

We can transform our front yards from boring to brilliant by installing one of many beautiful outdoor garden fountains. Tuscan Basins has specialized in stunning supplies for the bath and kitchen and now makes it easy to have a great article of beauty anywhere on your property and also has a wide selection of fountains from classic antiquity through modern. There is a style to suit the tastes of everyone. Who doesn’t like to sit beside a fountain as it plays its soothing music entering our ears?

These beautiful outdoor fountains serve more than just presenting a visual delight for the eye and ear. Our feathered friends enjoy having a constantly moving water supply to preen and clean their brilliant feathers. Suddenly with the addition of a fountain, we are extending our reach into fields that we had not thought possible. Decorating has become humanistic and altruistic with the inclusion of one of the many outdoor garden fountains.

While our backyards are filled with utilitarian cooking needs and relaxation supplies, we should endeavor to make our front yards, the formal entrance to our homes, as beautiful and welcoming as possible.

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